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two people standing on top of a mountain under a cloudy blue and orange sky with clouds
the art of animation
En la cima de la superación, en la cúspide de la meta, el sacrificio y el dolor se queda corto ante tan ilustradora emoción de lograr lo que siempre quisiste
a black and white drawing of the sun shining through clouds over water with mountains in the background
Scratchboard 2
Line and contour drawings depicting a variety of subjects.
an artistic drawing of mountains in black and white, with the shape of a circle
Illustrations - Andrew K. Kuypers #illustration #art #mountain
a drawing of a woman floating in the ocean with waves coming out of her head
Beautifully Detailed Ink Drawings & Doodles
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a drawing of a mountain range in black and white
Jennifer Burtchen Explores The Tallest Mountain Tops With Her Pen - IGNANT
Jennifer Burtchen’s drawings depict various folded mountains and some of the tallest tops on earth. The side note informs about the total weight of the pictured mountain. Jennifer Burtchen is interested in the thought of nativeness and originality, creating works that use repetitions and abstractions while leaving certain things out to stimulate the viewers fantasy. [...]