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The Geekiest Baby Halloween Costumes from All Over the Internet!
Exploding from cute in 3... 2... 1...
black and white photograph of a young boy holding a stuffed animal in his hands,
ta z niebieskimi on imgfave
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a small child laying on top of a bed
ha! This is what Jane does during tummy time. She's still learning to turn her head. ;)
a small child is sitting in a high chair with his head on the edge of it
A baby boy sleeping in a high chair
a baby standing in front of a mirror on the floor
WANTED: Family
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ska vi fika?
two baby babies laying next to each other on top of a white blanket with the words sleep well i've got your back
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a girl holding up a book in front of her head with the words sugar book on it
SUGAR BOOK inspired @ #rock candy media