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a group of children standing in a room filled with yellow bookshelves and shelves
English for Fun linguistic school by Rica Studio, Madrid – Spain
Local architects Rica Studio designed the two-storey Madrid flagship of the English for Fun linguistic school, aiming to booster the schoolchildren's creativity, imaginations and stimulate all five senses. The centre uses the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching children a foreign language, a method that combines self-guided play, visual learning and the built environment.
an outdoor play area with stairs, slides and climbing equipment for children to climb up
Idea 3282550: Avenues Shenzhen Early Learning Center by Efficiency Lab for Architecture PLLC in Shenzhen, China
Located in Shenzhen's Tanglang Industrial Zone, an urban village and one of the few remaining underdeveloped areas of Nanshan district, the Avenues Shenzhen Ea…
a living room filled with furniture and wooden walls
Gallery of Forest House / Triangular - 6
Gallery of Forest House / Triangular - 6
the floor plan for an apartment with two levels
the floor plan for this modern house
the floor plan of a house with two cars parked in front of it and an open living
Md_arch: I will draw architectural floor plan and design house plan for $10 on
the floor plan for this modern house shows what is in the kitchen and living room
Jessica_3d: I will create 3d floor plan quick and beautiful for $25 on
the floor plan for a modern home with two bedroom and living room, as well as kitchen
the floor plan for this modern house shows two levels and three rooms, with one living room
Smart Modular Design of The Month - Juno - A Modern Barn Style Home
an architectural model of a house on top of a white surface with train tracks in the foreground
mimo studio adapts archetypal barn house to blend in with nature
a modern house with large windows on top of the roof and grass in front of it
House K
a modern house in the woods with wood and stone