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an animal wearing a jacket with the caption when you're forced to go to a family event
an image of some cartoon characters with words on them that say they are not in the same
two comics with people talking to each other
meme del cristal encantado ❤️🤣
a drawing of an evil wizard holding two fingers up with the word ur rude written above it
Funny Memes, Inside Jokes, Jokes Pics, Bring It On, Movie Nerd
The Hobbit, Ideas, Got Milk?, Jim Henson Puppets
Dark Crystal
an animated character is being held by another character in front of him with his hand
I'm glad you're here.
two people in aprons and one person with an angry bird on his head making breakfast
an image of a cartoon character with a bird on his head and red coat over it's shoulders
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Crystals, Crystal Meth, Creatures
a young boy sitting on the ground holding an inflatable balloon with words that read, skekskiil peach berries