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Sensory Seeking Behavior, Improving Focus, Sensory Seeking, Sensory Input, Sensory Diet, Sensory Integration, Processing Disorder
32 Activities for Sensory Seekers - Autism & ADHD Resources for Parents
a woman helping a child on the couch with text overlay that reads how to use deep pressure the right way
How to Use Deep Pressure the Right Way
How to Use Deep Pressure the Right Way - Your Kid's Table
a woman doing yoga poses with the words how to improve self - regulation in 7 minutes per day
HIIT for Kids - Improve Emotional Regulation In Just 7 Minutes Per Day
a young boy is doing an obstacle on the floor
46 Essential Vestibular Activities and Input Ideas
45 vestibular activities that can calm, soothe, and improve attention in your child. Plus, get strategies for kids that seek or avoid vestibular input.
a young boy holding onto a green and white rope
Powerful Proprioceptive Activities That Calm, Focus, & Alert
Powerful Proprioceptive Activities that Calm, Focus, & Alert - Your Kid's Table
a young boy laying on the ground with his arms spread out and head down, in front of a fence
Using Reflex Integration Therapy to Treat ADHD - Fuzzymama