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a ghost standing in the middle of a hallway
when your house is haunted but you have nowhere else to live
an old victorian house is painted green and has orange lanterns on the front porch, along with some trees
About Us | AJ SOSEBY
a small boat floating on top of a lake filled with water lillies and lily pads
Monet's Water Lilly Pond by Bettercountry - PhotoBlog
an open window with ivy growing on the outside and light coming in from inside it
Abandoned Places ~ Fenetre Ouverte
an old tree with a door in it
Primrose Garden: Fotos
an old stone bridge surrounded by trees and greenery
Rumbling Bridge
a gazebo surrounded by trees and plants in the woods on a foggy day
Lugubrum-stock regaleira6 by lugubrum-stock on DeviantArt
rain drops are falling on the branches of trees near a road that is lined with leaves
does anyone else just absolutely crave the gray,... - Drachenkinder
a dog is walking down the street in front of some houses with autumn leaves on the ground
kate edman
{ lux et amor }
a woman holding a candle in her hand while standing under a tree with grass and trees
↟↟ Alrauna ↟↟
an old bridge over a small pond in the middle of a field with trees and flowers
The Palladian Bridge, Wilton Estate gardens,...
a small cabin in the middle of a forest next to a body of water with trees around it
10 Amazing Wood Cabins
I feel engulfed with serenity as I look at this photo.
an old house surrounded by trees in the fall
autumns-coziness: oldfarmhouse: Backroad...