Halloween doll

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a drawing of a little boy with big eyes and a strange hat on his head
Trick ‘r Treat by Christopher Uminga / Blog / Tumblr 8” X 11” individually signed and remarqued, limited edition print. Available HERE.
a drawing of a stuffed animal holding two needles
VooDoo Dolls (27 Images)
Voodoo Doll - Mr. Zsasz Más
a painting of a man's face with his hands on his face and fingers in front of him
Halloween Love for Mike Bell's Monsters with Martinis
'Franky Stardust' by Mike Bell
two people are standing in front of a wall painted with clown faces and checkered umbrellas
roger olmos
a black and white drawing of a woman in a dress with long hair wearing boots
Bellatrix Lestrange - Tim Burton style. The ink sketching look I want for my characters.
a drawing of a person holding an umbrella with a cat on the ground next to it
vincent tim burton - Pesquisa Google
an old doll is sitting on top of a stack of books with hair sticking out
Weird Art Doll Creepy Doll Bizarre Dancerstitched Linen | Etsy
weird art doll, creepy doll, bizarre dancer,stitched linen, spooky odd, doll art
a creepy doll with black and white paint on it's face
New Doll WIP Pics
freaky little dolls: New Doll WIP Pics
a doll with red hair wearing a white dress and a mouse on top of her head
Sveta Votina Chumachenco
a digital painting of a girl with red hair holding a snake on a bridge in the woods
wonderful irwin. doll by julien martinez. photo by danieru. love!!!
an image of a clock in the middle of a snowy field with trees and birds
Paintings | Anthony Clarkson's Grim Wonderland
a painting of a man holding onto a string with the words, i love my husband to you and you broke me
Dance of the Dolls | Anthony Clarkson's Grim Wonderland
there is a small figurine with a top hat on
Halloween Decor // Skeleton // Halloween Folk Art // Vintage | Etsy
Halloween Decor // Skeleton // Halloween Folk by CatandFiddlefolk