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a poem written in chalk on a blackboard that says, i am not afraid to pray
A prayer for when I can't sleep
a poem that reads prayer to remember god's love
Prayer for me to be myself
Image of text for prayer for me to be myself. This prayer inspires you to rest in your identity as a child of God and be yourself.
a poem written in pink with the words dear lord
Proverbs 31 Woman Prayer & Affirmation Challenge | The One Thing That Matters Most. . . Eternity!
Proverbs 31 Woman Prayer | Let's pray through how to live our lives with an Eternal perspective, in mind. Our aim in all we do should be to focus on our eternal rewards and please God, our Father. PLUS you can register for my FREE Proverbs 31 Woman Prayer & Affirmation Challenge! Includes free printables + prayer journal + bible reading plan + PLUS daily bible lesson videos! #p31 #proverbs31woman #proverbs31businesswoman #biblestudy #christianblogger #jesusgirl
a quote from dr steve maraboli on the topic of love and affection in this journey
This Is Your Journey
New blog post! This Is Your Journey
a poem written by an unknown person on the beach
Things to Be Grateful for | Family Matters
The more grateful you are the easier it is to be grateful
a card with an image of a woman's eye and the words dear mother
It never goes away. Cherish your mom. I took care of her and loved her my life but the pain is still hard to overcome. Be with your mom if you have her TLL
the sun is going to rise again, and it's time to go back
Quotes on Mental Health and Mental Illness
Quote on mental health: What's broken can be mended what hurts can be healed and no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again.
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What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?
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