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the words friends don't lie are in white letters on a black background,
Stranger Things
people walking on a tightrope line drawing
"Stranger Things: The Acrobats and the Fleas" iPhone Case for Sale by GR Design
13. Ik heb stranger things op netflix gekeken. Een serie over 5 tieners waarvan 1 iets slechts overkomt. Dan komt er een meisje die meer lijkt te weten, maar ze is zo lang niet rond andere mensen geweest door haar 'krachten' dat ze geisoleerd is en niet veel praat.
the words friends don't lie written in black ink on top of a waffle
Melhor frase eveeeer
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a wall with hearts on it
Stranger Things Season 2: Stars Can't Share Even Their Scripts with Family
Stranger they are trying to be so serious but I feel like they couldn't stop laughing during this photoshoot XD
a woman with an orange clown fish on her head
Stranger things, Joyce Byers
the poster for the upcoming movie, strange things starring actors from all over the world
Stranger Things is one of my favorite new shows, for the nostalgia, the horror, and the strong performances.
a young boy wearing a blue hat and holding his hand up in front of him with the caption, now this is a story about how my life got flipped upside upside upside down
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"there are actual tears in my eyes" (upside down - stranger things meme)
three people standing next to each other with their arms around one another