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an image of anime characters with different expressions
Реакции на ситуации с Т/и персонажей аниме Наруто
a person's leg with tattoos on it and an image of the same character
some type of bird with different facial expressions
Drew Zuko as a Turtle Duck❤️
an image of some people in the water with their reflection on them, and one is looking
Avatar riot
Top 10 Sokka ideas xD
two men are standing in front of a coffee shop
an image of two people with white hair and one is looking at the other person
Picture memes 3nhAVKr07: 7 comments — iFunny
We all would have died
the avatars are all different from each other
an image of some anime characters with fire coming out of their eyes and the caption below
Iroh sure was an amazing character - Comic & Webtoon
Iroh sure was an amazing character
ZUKO by Will2Link on DeviantArt Marvel, Films
ZUKO by Will2Link on DeviantArt
ZUKO by Will2Link on DeviantArt
i am shy
Avatar The Last Airbender Sokka x shy! female reader Warning: shynessssssssssss Specifics: fluff, comedy, romance, one-shot, race neutral reader People: sokka, katara, aang, toph Words: 1,271...
my aura has never been pinker
the six characters in avatars from avatar, which are different styles and sizes for each character
Renee Violet🐀 on Twitter
Did I do this right? #SixFanarts #Zuko
the avatars are sitting on the ground with their heads turned to look like they're
Avatar - ciclo avatar - Korra - Aang - Roku - Kioshi - Kurak - Yanchen