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a person is holding a cd in their left hand and pressing the disc on it
April 2004 Polymer Clay Polyzine CD Barette Tutorial
who knew you could remove the holographic film from a cd-r and craft with it??? Cool tutorial for hair barretts.
a stack of cds sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Reuse Old CD or DVD
Until these guys can be easily recycled, here's a pretty long list of ideas for reusing old cds.
a purple candle holder with a lit candle in it
Make an Amazing CD Tea Light Holder
For all those old CD's
several different images of cds being used to make mosaics
With CDs, DIY
several plates are stacked on top of each other and ready to be used for serving
Most inspiring pictures and photos!
four different colored plates sitting on top of a tile floor
How to recycle old CDs
Emy's Gallery: How to recycle old CDs
four different designs on the same plate
Stringed CD's :: Drill holes in a CD in a repeating pattern and "string art" it. Cool idea... I'm thinking neon, geometric patterns, maybe paint the surface...
a person holding a cd in their right hand and pointing at it with the other hand
Simple instructions for separating & cutting CDs
a plastic box with a plant growing out of it in the dirt, on top of some soil
CD Mini Greenhouse
a black disc with multicolored swirls and leaves on the side, sitting on a white surface
CD Art
DIY Upcycle CD art | 1. Any old CD 2. Acrylic color (preferably dark color) 3. Paint brush 4. Pencil 5. Anything with sharp point to scratch the color
several different colored ribbons are stacked on top of each other in the shape of discs -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspgreatrecycledgifts Resources and Information.
Ever wonder what to do with old CD's? Coin purses made from discarded CD's.
there are many different cd's on the table
CD Art
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six christmas ornaments are arranged in the shape of heart, star, and tree shapes
Recycled Christmas Ornaments part3
Finally a use for all those old Cds
a stack of plastic boxes sitting on top of a table
Some REALLY cool ideas on what to do with all those cd cases I just got rid of!! Don't that always seem the way!!! :( But I will be saving them from now on!!
a black disc with butterflies painted on it
CD Art
CD Scratch Board Art Take any old CD and cover it with a dark colored acrylic paint; let dry, then sketch/scratch your design with something sharp; Coat w/ sealer.