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a candle holder sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plate with a heart
"Art Made Simple: Uncomplicated Creations for Everyone"
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Handmade ceramic desk lamp with a colourful design mde by Elena Ágata Ceramics. Design, Home Décor, Decoration, Handmade, Deco, Handarbeit, Manualidades, Biscuit
Handmade ceramic lamp
two white vases with red hearts on them sitting next to each other in front of a purple wall
Esta es otra de las lámparas que hemos hecho y no enseñamos tanto 🥰 La he hecho un jarrón a juego para que no esté tan sola y ha quedado 😍… | Instagram
three pictures of different bowls with holes in them and yarn on the table next to them
a glass candle holder with an angel wing on it and a flower next to it
Memorial Gifts | Emilys House Heaven
three angel figurines with lit candles in front of them
a white cookie tray sitting on top of a bed next to a box with a business card in it
a white vase with flowers in it sitting on a tray next to a candle holder
Подставка для благовоний
a white plate topped with a pink butterfly shaped candle holder and a black twig
Набор с арома свечкой и подставкой под благовония