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a white desk topped with a keyboard and paper clip next to a pair of scissors
Final logo design for @careyvanwagoner ♡ #Regram via @lisa_cron)
the logo for lauren parker's new boutique, called glyphora parker
Custom Calligraphy Initials Logo, Handwritten Photography Initials Logo Design, - Etsy
Custom Calligraphy Initials Logo Handwritten Photography
a pen is in the middle of a circle
Thread and needle by Boni Soto | Type Gang
Thread and needle by Boni Soto #logo #branding #identity
the letter b is inscribed in gold on a black t - shirt that says,
AB. Alice Bibi. Hand lettering monogram. . . . . . #handlettering #lettering #logo #monogram #logoinspirations #logolearn #graphicdesign #design
the juicery logo is black and white with a circle around it that says,
I like the simplistic design of the logo that still gets the point of what its representing across.
the letter m is made up of two black letters, one with an upper and lower letter
Monogram Explorations
Megan Anderson Saint Louis, MO, USA
the letter b is made up of white letters on a black background with a shadow
Monogram Logo: 75 Creative and Smart Designs
Monogram Logo: 75 Creative and Smart Designs | iBrandStudio More
an image of some type of font that is black and white with the letters in it
Cubic Alphabet Set Modern 3d Geometric Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 281670359 | Shutterstock
Cubic alphabet set. Vector geometric font
an old fashioned typeface is shown with the letters and numbers in white on a black background
22 New Modern Free Fonts for Designers Graphic Design Junction
Anurati Font Letters