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This is more than perfect.
the vampire is talking on his cell phone while another person looks at him in the background
Psych awwww
a man in the woods with his eyes closed and holding something up to his mouth
#Psych - #ShawnSpencer
a man speaking into a microphone in front of a green background with the words,
three men sitting in the passenger seat of a car
Filming in the "Dualberry," the driver's ed dual-steering car Shawn and Gus appropriated from their old high school years ago. From Tim's Twitter 11/18/21, filming summer 2021.
an image of the doctor who is talking to each other about what he's doing
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen with the caption's description on it
Psych Season Finale. This part was the best!
a series of pictures with the same person in different scenes, one is talking to another man
Psych :) how I miss thee
an image of a man talking to another person
Shawn and Lassie
some people are talking to each other and one is holding his hand on his shoulder
the man is wearing a red jacket and carrying a drink while walking down the street
"Particularly perplexed"
two pictures of people in suits and ties with the caption'spencer, i don't have all day '
two men in the back seat of a car talking to each other and one man driving
an image of two men on twitter