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an art work with gears and other things on it
Bicycle Gears, Glass, Tile & MS? – Mosaic Artist – Laura Harris – Fits Fragments Together Beautifully Creating A New Passion – Dousman, Wisconsin
Laura Harris - totally awesome, one of my all time favorites for creativity, vision, technique and use of materials!
an open book with drawings of eyes on it
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
janeisrad: Sketchbook page of eyeballs. Thinking about the lid wrapping around the eye and folding under the brow - so many different ways!
many different pictures are arranged on top of each other
A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages
Fashion Textiles sketchbook.. i just think it looks like a vintage sketchbook because of the old autumn like colours, various textures, illustrations and typography.. a lush mash of everything!
four drawings of different shapes and sizes
La part des rêves
Effective use of charcoal cross-hatching and shading shows the difference in light on the pillow and as a result, demonstrates how the pillows are folded.
a woman standing in front of a wall with her shadow on the wall
Gorgeous Fine Art Self-Portrait Photography by Rosie Hardy
Gorgeous Fine Art Self-Portrait Photography by Rosie Hardy #inspiration #photography
a man in a suit with a rope tied to his chest and the caption says,
Design You Trust
Life is life 35 Conceptual Black and White Photography – Concepts captured!!
three balloons are hanging from the ceiling in front of two men's coats and shoes
Site privé
(Airheads) by Jacob Sutton ~Fashion photography. Cropped from original colour photo~♛