Sage & Palo Santo

Ethically sourced & sustainable palo santo and sage from Lemuria. Shop sage & palo santo at:
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Crystals and sage and palo santo
Jewellery, Abalone, Palo, Mottled, Beautiful, Color, Silver, Jewelry
Abalone Shells
Crystals, Cleanse, Rose Quartz Crystal, Starter, Rough Rose Quartz, Sage, Quartz, Rose Quartz
Cleanse & Love Starter Bundle
Palo Santo Wood, Smudging, The Smoke, Smudge Sticks
Ethically Sourced Palo Santo
White Leaf, Silvery, White Sage Plant, Sage Plant, Fragrant
Californian White Sage
Smoke, Sage Smudging, Ultimate, Abalone Shell
Ultimate Smoke & Cleanse Bundle
Lavender, Psychic Protection, Vibrational Energy, White, Heart Chakra
Californian White Sage with Lavender