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two white swans swimming in the water with mountains in the background and flowers on the side
idyllic: swans on the mountain lake
a colorful bird perched on top of a tree branch
Tangara seledon. Maravillas de la naturaleza.
a hummingbird flying towards a purple flower with the words good morning written on it
a painting of a blue jay perched on a tree branch in front of a full moon
blue jay bird
Winter Blue Jay
a blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch
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The Rainbow Owl is a rare species of owl found in hardwood forests in the western United States and parts of China.
a purple and white hummingbird sitting on top of a branch with its beak open
an orange and black bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Orange and black! My high school colors!
a green and yellow bird sitting on top of a tree branch with leaves in the background
Looks like a painting, beautiful
a colorful bird flying over a lush green hillside
Kea, a parrot found only in the South Island of New Zealand, and the only alpine parrot in the world.
a woodpecker is perched on a tree branch and looking up at the sky
Mooiste fotos op de Vroege Vogels Foto Community
Great spotted Woodpecker
four colorful birds sitting on top of a tree branch
Art Publishing Australia
'Australian Eastern Rosellas' by Lyn Cooke
an elephant painted in bright colors with flowers on it's face and trunk, standing against a red background
Tracy Verdugo. 2014. Love Child. 30x30".acrylic on canvas. Sold.
a giraffe made out of different colored items on a brown background with the head turned to look like it has been painted