Flowers have and always will be a big design story at Lewis & Wood. Here are some of our most popular wallpapers and fabrics.
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a white wallpaper with colorful flowers and leaves on it's side, in various colors
Windrush | Lewis & Wood
an image of a floral pattern on fabric
Coromandel 100% linen in Malachite colourway. Also available as a wallpaper.
a white bed sitting next to a wall with flowers on it
Indienne wide width wallpaper in Green Glaze colourway.
a blue and yellow floral pattern on fabric
Zarafshan 100% linen in Indigo Cranberry colourway.
an old wallpaper with birds and flowers on it's side in blue, orange, yellow and white colors
Wild Thing
Wild Thing 100% linen in Copper Cobalt colourway.
a blue and white wallpaper with leaves and branches
Jasper Peony
Jasper Peony wide width wallpaper in China Blue colourway.
an intricately designed wallpaper with flowers and leaves
Ipek Damask
Ipek Damask 100% linen in Pugin colourway. Also available as a wide width wallpaper.
a close up view of the fabric with flowers and birds on it
Floreat 100% linen in Sienna colourway.
a yellow background with blue and white flowers, leaves and birds on the top of it
Cobweb 100% linen in Kiwi colourway.
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to red and white flowered branches
Muscat Vintage
Muscat Vintage Classic Wallpaper in Sable colourway.
the wall paper is decorated with silver flowers and leaves on gold foiled paper,
Jasper Peony Metallic Wide Width Wallpapers
Jasper Peony Metallic wide width wallpaper.
a white vase sitting on top of a table in front of a wallpapered tree
Jasper Peony
Jasper Peony wide width wallpaper in Mink colourway.