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a ceramic vase with the words'me moon is my mother'written on it
an image of a heart surrounded by candles and cats
Creatures of Self — Laura Benson
a painting of a potted plant in front of a window
Rhododendren, Studio at Night, 1/11/2016
two pink and brown flower shaped brooches with female figures on the petals, set against a white background
Lemon tree
☆ @kaiya_daisy ☆
a stamp with an image of a fly on it's back and chinese writing
Japonesices — stepstepby: Felice Beato - in Japan, the uses...
an old japanese match card with butterflies on the front and back cover, which reads safety match made in japan
Lovely rare Japanese labels (gallery no.1)
an oil painting of trees with the sun in the background
a painting of two people standing on the roof of a building under a cloudy sky
Marc Majewski
two people standing on the edge of a body of water
Shop — Owen Gent