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DIY Amazing Handmaking
a person holding a black and white balloon
20 Simple Ways to Take Your Balloons to the Next Level
This idea is so chic! Wrap party balloons in sheer netting for a more dramatic vibe.
a baby's bathtub filled with lots of toys and other items in it
there is a white plate with blue sprinkles and pretzels on it
chocolate covered pretzels with gender colored sprinkles
how to make tissue paper flowers with pink and yellow strips on the stems, then cut them in half
Kids Tea Party Ideas DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos
Beautiful Things
blue candies in a clear container on a table
Best Easy-To-Make Baby Shower Centerpieces
Blow Pop Vase
a teddy bear sitting in a baby's bassinet filled with diapers
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Product Details - Diaper Cakes By Renee
several glasses filled with blue water and yellow rubber ducks
Boy baby shower center piece idea I came up with!
several clear bowls filled with blue beads and yellow rubber ducks
Rubber Ducks Baby Shower Party Ideas | Photo 4 of 22
centerpieces for a baby shower. I would use seashells for summer beach theme.
there are many clear balloons hanging from the ceiling in front of some tables with white linens on them
Navy and burlap tulle balloons for baby corners christening with customised wooden initial cut out