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a person holding up a cell phone in front of a blue and yellow background with the word coco on it
1. 被譽為「日本賈伯斯」的家電品牌百慕達(Balmuda)創辦人寺尾玄,正式進軍手機領域。2. 百慕達發布名為「 Balmuda Phone 」的安卓系統手機,是螢幕僅4.9吋的小尺寸手機,寺尾玄認為,現在的手機都長很像而且太大,他決定做一支輕巧又優雅的手機。3. 寺尾玄認為的手機缺點,卻是現在消
there are four different pictures of people in the store, and one is doing yoga
廣告文案十分鐘速成 5 大心法!你知道全聯、IKEA、NIKE 都愛用這些手法抓住顧客的目光嗎?|SHOPLINE 電商教室
廣告文案十分鐘速成 5 大心法!你知道全聯、IKEA、NIKE 都愛用這些手法抓住顧客的目光嗎?|SHOPLINE 電商教室
a white bird flying in the sky next to a sign with chinese characters on it
日本靜岡新聞報紙廣告!藍天之下的白鴿叼走「爭」,籲大家珍惜得來不易的和平 | ShoppingDesign
an image of fire in the shape of japan on a white background with orange and yellow colors
Creatrip: 地獄朝鮮的由來-韓國(旅遊情報)
Creatrip: 地獄朝鮮的由來
three spoons with different types of spoons in korean writing on the front and back
an image of a man holding a child in front of him with chinese writing on it
an old black and white photo of a woman with a bow on her head,
The Best Coco Chanel Quotes About Fashion, Love, and Success
跟「長輩圖」一樣,擁有一張風景照加上一段話,乍看之下似乎充滿美感也具有意思, Funny Images, I Laughed, Neon Signs, Humor, Funny, Humour
日本也推「長輩圖」...網友:台灣領先全亞洲了! | ETtoday網搜新聞 | ETtoday新聞雲
two men standing next to each other in front of a piano and keyboard, one holding a microphone
I Don T Know, Seriously, Hypnotic, Emotional Vampire, Emotions, Lust, Shake Shack
堪稱最強廣告文案!高質感手工香水 Le Labo 顧客的日常對話,每句都是愛情與生活的精闢見解 | ShoppingDesign
Lenet網路宅配洗衣 CM「殉職+24時」篇 30s (繁中) - YouTube Commercial, None, Campaign, Online Video
Lenet網路宅配洗衣 CM「殉職+24時」篇 30s (繁中)
Lenet網路宅配洗衣 CM「殉職+24時」篇 30s (繁中) - YouTube
媽我變成「社畜」了?身不由己的日本職場 Broadway Show Signs, Broadway Shows
an advertisement for hennesy is displayed in chinese language and english characters are on the back