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a palm tree in front of a building with blue and white tiles on the walls
Marrakech, Morocco
the eiffel tower towering over the city of paris from across the river seine
Paris, France
there is a large wooden object in the middle of a field with people riding bikes behind it
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs covered in green plants, next to a tall wall
Green Wall- Mexico City
Green Wall- Mexico City
a small house made out of moss and rocks with a stream running through it in the background
tiny house
Fairy Garden
an old brick building is reflected in the water
incredible-pictures.com - we are the best in what we do
Bruges, Belgium
some very pretty bushes in front of a house
kurt manley
a large body of water surrounded by trees and mountains in the background, with a small house on top of it
Lake Sauris, Friuli, Italy.
an old door is painted on the side of a building
Vatrogas 12
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
an artistic bench with grass growing out of it
Inventive Planted Stone Seating - Urban Gardens
Philippe Nigro’s stone Saturnia bench for Piba Marmi’s Monocromo exhibit at Italian design trade fair Abitare il Tempo.
black and white photograph of stone stairs leading up to the skylight in an alleyway
Leaning Tower of Pisa: Steps
steps, Tower of Pisa
an old stone building with white shutters and a lamp on the street in front of it
Rue de Sarlat
an outdoor dining table set up with chandeliers and flowers on it for a formal dinner
Rocky Oaks Malibu dinner party | Cocktail Party | 100 Layer Cake
Casa de Perrin dinner party / photo by Paige Jones