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a wall made out of old wine corks
Crepe Expectations
Cork wall (I bet this would work as a great sound absorber in a music studio) AND it could have music pinned to it...
an intricately designed piece of art is shown in this image, it appears to be made out of paper
LOOP sound absorbing panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn
LOOP sound absorbing panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn materials
four different colors of fabric with an origami design
Gillian Torok- Moveable acoustic wall panels that are covered with 'folded' wool felt, the focus of the project is the concept of transformation: that of paper techniques to fabric techniques; that of the fabric surface through folding; that of the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional; and the transformation of a space through the use of textiles.
a chair sitting in front of a white wall with circles on it's side
archiproducts - Fiber felt sound absorbing screen and bookcase:... |
Fiber #felt sound absorbing #screen and bookcase: AIRFLAKE by Abstracta , #design by Stefan Borselius
a close up of a white vase with many holes in it
Ver imagen original
two pieces of art made out of paper and some sort of origami flower
soundproof your walls in style
Decorative #acoustic panels by @AnneKyyroQuinn | #soundproof your walls in style | @mecc interiors inc. | design bites
a wooden wall sculpture made out of wood blocks
Art acoustic panels, acoustic diffusers | Contemporary Wood Wall Sculptures
“Smoky” – Art of acoustic diffusers
four different types of felt flowers on a white surface with black center and yellow center
SILENT FLOWER Felt Acoustic wall panel By HEY-SIGN | design Sirja Albrecht
Felt decorative acoustical panels SILENT FLOWER by HEY-SIGN
an abstract black and white photo of cubes in the shape of a wall or ceiling
An example of a pattern for acoustic foam can look like. This would make a room have pretty much no echo or any unwanted noise.
the wall is made up of wavy lines
the wall is made up of white and black paper with red circles on it's sides
LOOP sound absorbing panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn
Anne Kyyrö Quinn - colorful and innovative felt products!
several different colored pieces of paper stacked on top of each other
Looming Large: innovation in new textile design
Looming Large: innovation in new textile design That felt feeling: Anne Kyrro Quinn's innovative wall panels ('Scallop' shown here) combine acoustic management with striking sculpture