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a painting of various items on a table
paper prints — Not Sorry Art
a drawing of shoes and other items on paper
Pin by T Belt on Year 8 Art Ideas | Gcse art sketchbook, Art lessons, School art projects
Secondary High School Art drawing a collection example shoes
two mushrooms sitting on top of a metal surface
Portobello, Roasted Pepper Stuffed Pita with Za’atar Pita Chips & Kale
The rich, earthy flavor and robust juices of Portobello Mushrooms make them the perfect complement to a great pizza... which is exactly what we do! You can find these plump, sliced portobellos specifically on our Veggie and Deluxe pizzas.
three different shots of fruit and watermelon in glass vases, with bananas on the other side
Foods Distorted Through Liquid and Glass in Photographs by Suzanne Saroff — Colossal