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From the most glamorous rough luxe kitchen-diners to gorgeous gothic masterpieces filled with art, we've pinned the most extraordinary contemporary kitchens…
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a kitchen with red cabinets and white shelving above it is featured in the article, are you making one of these small kitchen nightmares?
Are You Making One of These Small Kitchen Mistakes? 5 Designers Always Notice and How to Avoid Them
Small kitchens can be beautiful and practical, but it's even more important to make the right choices in spaces lacking square footage ✨ To help you avoid the common pitfalls, we asked designers about the most common small kitchen mistakes, and how to avoid them 🍽️ 📸 Image credit: @arthurfechoz @agence_volta #Livingetc #InteriorDesign #RedInterior #SmallKitchen #DreamKitchen
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and blue tile backsplashing on the counter top
Are IKEA kitchens any good? This architect, who has completed over 100 kitchens, has the answer
IKEA kitchens are budget- friendly, modern, and easy to assemble, there's a lot to love about IKEA kitchens, but are they a false economy? Royal blue kitchen tiles - dream kitchen - small kitchen ideas. 📸 Image credit: Plum
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a breakfast nook or bar
20 Kitchen Trends That Designers Say Will Make You Rethink How You Design Cooking Spaces
Plywood interior - light wood cabinets - kitchen inspo. 📸 Image credit: French and Tye.
a kitchen with marble counter tops and blue cabinets, along with bar stools that match the wood flooring
7 Modern Navy Blue Kitchens — From Color-Drenched Spaces to Timeless Two-Tone Cabinets
Navy blue cabinetry creates a feeling of laidback luxury while providing a classic base for almost any design style 💙 📸 Image credit: Tim Hirschmann. Design by Brophy Interiors.
a kitchen with an oven, sink and two hanging pots on the wall above it
Are Gray Kitchens Still in Style? Experts Give Their Honest Opinion on This Classic Color Scheme
Elevated gray kitchen ideas - patterned kitchen 📸 Image credit: Kristin Karch. Design: r.a.d. Interiors
an empty room with wooden floors and shelves
Are Gray Kitchens Still in Style? Experts Give Their Honest Opinion on This Classic Color Scheme
Elevated gray kitchen ideas - striped tiles - patterned kitchen 📸 Image credit: Tim Veresnovsky
a modern kitchen with black cabinets and marble counter tops
Are Gray Kitchens Still in Style? Experts Give Their Honest Opinion on This Classic Color Scheme
Elevated gray kitchen ideas 📸 Image credit: Lindsay Reid. Design: Secter Architecture + Design
an open kitchen with marble counter tops and stools in the foreground, along with black bar stools
6 Gray Flooring Ideas That Show This 'Dated' Shade Still Has Plenty of Style
Gray doesn't always get the love it deserves when it comes to our homes, but these flooring ideas prove it actually forms the best foundation for your space. 📸 Image credit: Scott Norsworth. Design: Reflect Architecture
a kitchen with an open window and plants in the window sill on the counter
Are 'Kitchen Garden Windows' Still in Style? Why We Still Love This Genius Design Feature
📸 Image credit: Jocelyn Low. Design: Uncommon
a coffee machine sitting inside of a wooden cabinet next to a wall with text that reads 8 things modern coffee nook is complete without
These are the absolute must-haves that every brewing station needs - you'll thank us later ☕
📸 Image credit: Jack Lovel. Project by State of Kin
there's how designers are using under cabinet lighting in kitchens
Forget Ceiling Lights, Under-Cabinet Lighting Might Be the Most Essential Fixture in the Kitchen
📸 Image credit: Manolo Langis. Design: Mandy Graham.
a kitchen with wooden floors and white walls
This super-chic new kitchen trend might be the solution to finding room for an island
Think your kitchen is too tiny for an island? There's a new idea designers are using to make them work, and it just so happens to look good, too. 📸 Image credit: Pion Studio. Design: Studio Akurat
an image of a kitchen with the words what type of countertop looks like?
What type of countertop lasts the longest? Every designer we asked mentioned the same material
📸Image credit: NAINOA
a kitchen with four stools and an island in the middle that has lots of counter space
Affordable kitchen design - 7 ways experts go upscale on a budget
📸 Image credit: Margaret Austin. Design: Cathie Hong Interiors
a kitchen with marble counter tops and stools in front of an oven, stove hood and cabinets
Modern Kitchen Ideas — 28 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Contemporary and Practical
The fluted marble created for this kitchen by interior designer Noa Santos of Nainoa is a showpiece in craftmanship that goes to show there are plenty of options to be explored when designing with marble. To be inspired by the latest kitchen ideas click the link in our bio 📸 Noa Santos