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My finished cross stitch projects.
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a cross - stitch sample of princesses on a white tablecloth with the words, sometimes the princesses kills the dragon and makes the perplexables
Disney Princesses finished 2-18-18. Moana is my pattern. Pattern for all but Moana found here:
a cross - stitch pattern with the words believe and an image of a dog in a wreath
Hufflepuff wreath. 1-25-18 Pattern found at
Science cross stitch, finished 11/20/17. Pattern by Amigurumi Patterns, Cross Stitch Quotes, Stitch Witchery, Embroidery Tips, Subversive Cross Stitch, Cross Stitch Borders, Cross Stitch Funny, Crochet Borders, Modern Cross Stitch Patterns
Science cross stitch, finished 11/20/17. Pattern by
a cross - stitch project with the words mrs and mr on it
Cacti cross stitch, finished 11/17/17 Original pattern by
a person holding up a cross - stitch book with an image of a red chair on it
Handy Dandy Notebook on a stitchable journal for my daughter. 10-22-17 Pattern made using PCStitch
a white and green embroidered sign on a black leather jacket that says,'southern '
Slytherin wreath
the batman logo has been embroidered on to a white t - shirt that says,'the dark knight felph jonathan lewis '
Batman cross stitch. The Dark Knight gift finished 4-12-17
F*ck this sh*t with poop Funny, Stitch Stuff, Signs
F*ck this sh*t with poop
a piece of cloth with an image of a person holding a red object on it
Deadpool movie drawing
a close up of a table cloth with a rooster on it's side and the words rise and shine mother chickens
Rise and Shine Mother Clickers with Rooster
the towel is hanging on the wall next to the toilet paper roll that says, i love my family
Disney Princess cross stitch, 2-11-17 pattern found
someone is holding up a cross stitch project
Eff you cross stitch surrounded by flowers. 1-26-17
a blue bag with an image of a robot on it's side and the words, my life for aura written in yellow
Starcraft Protoss Zealot, My Life For Aiur cross stitch. 1-25-17 Pattern made using PCStitch, picture found in Google Search.
a cross - stitch dream catcher with feathers and beads is on a black tablecloth
Dreamcatcher cross stitch. 1-17-17