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an orange and yellow circle with the word rise in it's center, surrounded by squares
I love geometrics & would like something akin to this, I like the contrast of the bright colour against the grey/purple tones.
the yellow paper is shaped like an abstract object with three intersecting shapes on it's surface
Cartiera Fabriano. Calendario 2013.
w by Gruppo Bento
the letters are made out of wood and have been cut into smaller pieces with scissors
Page not found - L'Usine
EMPO hand-made paper typeface from Lo Siento
four different types of tables and chairs are shown in this image, each with their own color
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of sandra fettingis
Sandra Fettingis.
some pink and yellow paper bows are being cut out
Sexy Lingerie Shop, Discount Lingerie, Sexy Clothing - Threadz
modular bow
three different types of halloween treat boxes on a table with black and white designs around them
Hello, Halloween Printables + Die Cuts - Paper Crave
Halloween Printables
some kind of chocolate box sitting on top of a blue and white tile floor with an intricate design
Sweet Content chocolate
Sweet Content chocolate by Alexander Kalachëv, via Behance
three cartons of milk are shown on a white background
Milla Confessions
a cardboard box with spaghetti noodles in the shape of a woman holding a baseball bat
Pietro Gala
Pietro Gala