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an aries will never tell you their feelings but they will do some action to let you know exactly how they feel, like punching your face in
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an image with the words aris they give different parts of themselves to different people, nobody really has the same views on them
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an aris goes from 0 to 100 when dealing with someone who thinks okay to direct them and get away with it
But I am afraid, and not everyone is against me. Many good people are behind me and with me.
an article about being an aris
Difficult thing about being Aries
an advertisement with the words aris likes to help others become self sufficient through encroagement
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a poem written in black and white with the words dealing with sagittarius
an image with the words aries on love
ARIES in love
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an advertisement for aries fear is feeling like they don't matter, with the words aries march 21 - apr 19
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Always a fear unfortunately
an aries zodiac sign with the caption, highly observant, nothing will ever get past any aries, so do not deliver or lie to them
an image with the quote unexpected phone calls and texts tend to be the best and can instantly improve a person's mood and state of mind
Yep. :) some women are jealous because I actually do have all the guys!! :) 3 sons, a husband, 4 brother in-laws, all of my sons friends through the years always at our home, several close male friends from my high school days, Shewy, Andy, Mike, Bouger lol among others....oh well, that's women though, they always have their claws out, always jealous, that's exactly why I have always gravitated towards male friends. :) as my sons always say, you're a guy mom haha :) I take that as a compliment!