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a small house with a red door in the grass next to a brick walkway and potted plant
Yard work for kids - give them their own little garden to work in while you work in the yard. Cute setup -- I love this idea so much!
so easy headband Patchwork, Diy, Decoupage, Tiaras, Fai Da Te, Manualidades, Diys, Handmade, Artesanato
so easy headband
a bunk bed sitting in the corner of a room with blue walls and multicolored striped wallpaper
mommo design - IKEA HACKS - Kura bed
a doll house made out of cardboard boxes on top of a wooden floor next to a window
CARDBOARD dollhouse with magazine cut outs as the wallpaper. What a fun project to do with the kids- LOVE!
Giada New Hair, Girl Hairstyles, Gaya Rambut, Hairdo, Girls, Girl Hair Dos, Cool Hairstyles, Girl Haircuts
three children playing with toys on the floor in front of a castle made out of cardboard
Recycling castle. Dejavu?
tp roll castle
two pictures showing the same tattoo on someone's left hand
This is what you draw on your kid's hand to keep them busy for 30 minutes
three white vases with silver flowers in them sitting on a counter top next to each other
winter wine bottles
a hand holding up a sign with instructions on it
A walk through the woods scavenger hunt.
an egg carton can help with card games on the floor next to a pile of cards
Kids Card Holder
Kids Card Holder...this is genius...
two children are playing on the cardboard ramp
Cardboard Slide
Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide! by thecontemplativecreative: Yes! #DIY #Slide
cardboard houses made to look like they are flying through the air with people in them
The creative world of Vicky Knysh
#DIY cardboard city
an image of a castle made out of toilet paper and some sort of crafting material
Castle Centerpiece From Recycled Cardboard Tubes
Recycle cardboard tubes into cool castle for kids
a doll house made out of cardboard on top of a wooden deck with stairs leading up to the second floor
Cardboard Barbie House
Earth day DIY cardboard barbie house