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a barbie doll in a box with shoes and boots on it's back legs
My Scene Barbie doll
a barbie doll standing next to a hairbrush and comb on a table with a white wall in the background
Barbie Hollywood Nails
the doll is in its box with her boots and purses on it's side
2004 Barbie My Scene My Design Scene boots and floral purse
three cartoon watches sitting next to each other on top of a box with the same character
2000ish (@2000ish)
a couple of red pens sitting on top of a package
50 Things That'll Make '90s Kids Say, "Oh, I Completely Forgot About That"
the children's coloring kit is packed with markers and crayons
Or just every art supply you ever need:
the doll is in its box on the table
My Scene My Bling Bling Styling Head, Madison en caja
a doll with blue eyes and brown hair is in a cardboard box that says my zone
Styling Head, Madison en caja
the toy is in its box and ready to be played
Angelica Sing & Swing Doll - Rugrats in Paris The Movie - New w/Box Mattel 2000 | #4595643790