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an open barn door in the entry way to a living room with wood flooring
14 Ways to Transform Your Mudroom
love the door, love the storage. Like ledge to sit built in but still enough storage behind. Need compartments
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Utility room ideas for beautiful, functional and lovely storage rooms
Sheila Maid Clothes Dryer - Utility Room Ideas
a towel rack hanging from the ceiling with two towels on it's hooks and an ironing board underneath
5 Quick Fixes: The Efficient Utility Room - Remodelista
Sheila Made Clothes Airer keeps showing up in photos of utility rooms that I like, and it would sure be useful! Must KO - have plans in a book by Terence Conran.
an open shoe cabinet with many pairs of boots on the bottom shelf and two doors
I’ve had a similar idea in my head for several years. Hoping someday it will come into fruition.
a washer and dryer in a white laundry room with shelves above the sink
37 Awesome Tricks For Laundry Room For Small Spaces
a coat rack filled with coats and shoes next to a wall full of closets
Stunning English Country Kitchen Design Inspiration! - Hello Lovely
Boot room with built in cabinetry and rustic stone floor. Design by Artichoke in England.
an image of a cell phone showing the inside of a room with clothes hanging on hooks
Free Printables for the Home
INTERIOR DESIGN ∙ COUNTRY HOUSES ∙ Wiltshire - Todhunter EarleTodhunter Earle
an image of a white room with hooks on the door and some drawers in it
70 Smart Laundry Room Storage Organization Ideas
70 Smart Laundry Room Storage Organization Ideas
a black and white tiled bathroom with a wooden door, stools, and potted plant
Mud Room In the Mind - Ming Chee
Equanimity is a perfect, unshakable balance of mind. —Nyanaponika Thera I am reading this awesome book right now by Rick Hanson Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. My favorite chapter is where he is talking about having a “Mud Room” in your mind. Where all these thoughts go in where you …