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some yellow flowers are in a vase on a white tablecloth with watercolor pencils
Spring has come #48
a watercolor painting of a bird sitting on a branch with berries in its beak
a watercolor christmas ornament with holly and berries hanging from it's side
a wreath made out of red berries and green leaves with watercolor pencils next to it
a card with the words, christmas kisses written on it next to flowers and leaves
Etsy Fav : De jolies cartes de Noël à imprimer | Shake My Blog
a painting of trees in the snow with purple and blue sky behind them, on a white frame
Dibujo de navidad
Ideas de tarjetas navideñas en acuarela, siga para ver más tutoriales y haga su propio arte único #dibujarfacil#neginz_art#acuarela#dibujos#watercolor#watercolorpainting#
Watercolor christmas card