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the floor plan is shown in arabic and english, with two different areas for each room
a large poster with different types of clouds
Light Fixtures: The Ultimate Guide to Room Lighting Fixtures
a drawing of a bedroom with hanging art on the wall
Design Tip: How High to Hang Art - patterns & prosecco
a stair case with pictures on the wall above it and below it is a set of stairs
Stylized Portraiture
an image of a door with measurements on it
How to Paint a Front Door
Looking for the best way to paint a beveled door? It’s easy! Start with Area A, using an angled brush to paint all recessed areas. To prevent brush marks on the larger, smooth areas of your door (B-E), line the recessed areas with painter’s tape. Next, move on to Area B, painting each subsequent area in alphabetical order. Use a brush or roller, making sure with each stroke that the fresh paint you are overlapping is still wet. This will help to avoid paint streaks.
a sign that says the dishes are looking at me dirty again on a kitchen counter
The dishes are looking at me DIRTY again...
how to paint your front door
Do you ever think of changing your front door but you are so afraid of the "how to"? Here are some great tips for ya!
how to pick the right color combo for your home or office with this handy guide
How to Pick Awesome Color Combos
How to Pick Awesome Color Combos - 3 Resources that are no-brainer for getting it right the first time! - Thrift Diving Blog
the color chart for different paints
Get A Happy Date
2016 Fermob color combination chart - which colors look best with each other? #design #fermob
the best colors for your bedroom info sheet with instructions on how to use them in different rooms
Index of
The Bedroom Upgrade You Should Make | Men's Health
the english words list for each language
Today, we will learn how to make our English sound better. We will learn words that can be used in place of simpler words. For example: "very good" can be replaced with "awesome" or "superb" to make your English sound more evolved. 1. Very angry = Furious I was furious at him for copying my answer! 2. Very bad = Atrocious He attempted an atrocious imitation of my English accent 3. Very tired = Exhausted I was exhausted after the marathon. 4. Very tasty = Delicious Your mom cooks delici
an organized closet with pink walls and white carpeted flooring in a child's bedroom
Modernos closets para niños y jovenes
well-organized reach in closet; good idea for mine.
the color scheme for this website shows different colors
9 Fruity Color Combinations
9 Fruity Color Combinations for design projects | Betty Red Design: