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White subway tiles have a hand made look and are laid in a straight layout vertically with contrasting black hex mosaic on the floor and in the three niches. The tile edges are finished with black schluter trim and black hardware. The look is crisp and clean.
Black and White Shower
a white tiled shower with black grout flooring and shelves on the wall next to it
10 Stunning Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a shower niche trim for your home
Shower Niche Ideas to Complete Your Bathroom
Transform your shower niche into a focal point of elegance with these trimming excellence ideas. Explore a variety of styles, from minimalist trims to ornate designs, that can elevate the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and achieve a sophisticated and complete look for your shower space.
there is a shelf in the bathroom with soap, toothbrush and lotion
BEFORE & AFTER: A Master Bathroom Finally Becomes The Masterpiece It’s Meant To Be! — DESIGNED
a white bathroom with black and white accessories on the bathtub, toilet and shower head
Modern Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal! | Making Manzanita
a black and white tiled bathroom with hexagonal tiles on the wall above it
Custom Shower Niche with 2" Hex Accent
a shower with black and white fixtures in it
41 Shower Niche Ideas To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams
a white tiled bathroom with black and white floor tiles on the shower wall, along with two shelves holding toiletries
25 Beautiful Shower Niche Ideas for Your Master Bathroom — DESIGNED
Black and white tile shower with shampoo niche and black marble shelf | Carla Aston, Designer, Miro Dvorscak, Photographer #shampooniche #showerniche
a shower with the words 31 shower pan and nice ideas in black and white letters
31 Shower Pan and Niche Ideas to Inspire Your Next Reno