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an oil painting of flowers in a vase on a table with a brown wall behind it
Chrysanthemums, 1903 by J.A. Bennett
An image of Chrysanthemums by J.A. Bennett
cherry still life. People, Van, Hoa, Jos, Cerise, Sanat, Cherry, Resim, Daily Painting
Daily postcard paintings
cherry still life.
a can of coca cola sitting on top of a table next to a black background
30 Works of Art Painted with iPhone or iPod Touch Apps - Today in Art
iphone still-life painting - image - Susan Murtaugh - would do with yr 10-11
a painting of blue flowers in a glass vase
Кравченко Оксана Алексеевна
Кравченко Оксана. фиалки
a drawing of a tea cup on a saucer with water dripping from the top
Web del pintor Nono García
Nono García, pintura, Murcia
Converse shoes Photo: _(**)_
Converse shoes Photo: _(**)_
an orange flower sitting on top of a white paper next to a pencil and paintbrush
Noel Badges Pugh
first poppy
an abstract painting of a stone sculpture on a white surface with gray walls in the background
Karen Appleton. Very interesting group of pictures showing each step in the painting process.
two paintings of apples and bananas in plastic bags
Daily design inspiration for creatives | Inspiration Grid
Realistic Still Life Paintings by Vesna Bursich
an oil painting of paint brushes in a tin
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Dirty Paint Brushes by Laura Lehto
a water bottle is shown in blue and white with the top half painted to look like an ocean wave
I like the atypical subject matter. Inspiration is everywhere.
a painting of a piece of fruit on a plate with a knife and fork next to it
Crenshaw Melon | 1994 | 0il on canvas | 26 x 28 inches | Private collection
an orange is sitting on a white surface
"Cantaloupe":I had fun painting all these fruits and vegetables. The flesh of this melon just glowed when I trained the light at the right angle. I even added the seed sliding down the side; does't that happen to you when your slicing a melon?
a painting of two pieces of fruit on a plate with the words cantaloupe 8 - 5 x 11
Kristine Pallas
Kristine Pallas w