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Feathered eyebrows on a late sixties blonde centre part Sasha
Feathered eyebrows on a late sixties blonde centre part Sasha
Feathered eyebrows on a late sixties blonde centre part Sasha

Feathered eyebrows

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Sasha has found a new home - where have all the others gone she wonders?
Sasha needs more clothes she decides; maybe something green to match her slide. Red haired people suit green she thinks.
She finds two little green slides and does her first little bit of "hairdressing" on her new Sasha.

Opening a Sasha for the first time as a child

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A wide face Sasha
Blonde 1968 wide face Sasha
Wide faced blonde Sasha with centre parting

Wide face Sasha

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The very early tags had no sticker on the back and the string was cut differently
Gingham dress blonde Sasha in tube but with navy leather Mary Janes

Dolls with tubes (crayon and photo)

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The back of an early Sasha gold tag
This Sasha is in great condition with original gold tag with plain gold back. Wide dress and original shoes and a box. She sold for £2,550.00 in December 2023
Single fringe no eyelashes (no boys introduced yet!) blonde hair and blue eyes - no marks or blemishes noticed

Dolls in boxes

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This Sasha along with some original clothes sold for  £454.44 in March 2024
Early blue cord (wide skirt) single fringe sold for £755 in January 2023 - she did have a later Gotz tube
Early blue cord (wide skirt) single fringe sold for £755 in January 2023 - she did have a later Gotz tube - shoe strap on left foot may be faulty

Sasha blue cord 4101( 1966 -1970) 4-201 (1966 -1974)

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Developmental eyes before the introduction of Gregor - WIDE SKIRTED DRESS
Early blonde in brown cord dress with brown leather Mary Jane shoes - the sleeves have Velcro
Early NP developmental Sasha with blonde hair in brown cord wide dress and brown leather Mary Jane shoes. Sold for £1,340 in February 2023

Sasha brown cord 4102 (1966 -1969) 4 -202 (1966-1970)

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Tube and catalogue are a bit of an error as much later - babies were introduced in 1969/1970s and the tube is 1970's
She has got White leather Mary Janes and a wide gingham dress - single fringe and early development eyes. Bidding is less than a £1000 at the moment. She sold for £2,054.99 in April 2024
in wide gingham dress missing socks. Hair is very dark almost black so she may be lucky and not be one that loses her hair. £1,556.99 is what she sold for - April 2024
This dress should be wide and have metal press studs to fasten at cuffs and back of neck

Sasha gingham dress 4103 (1966-1974)> 4- 107 as Blonde gingham (1968 -1986)

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White arms strings, striped legs. Original outfit sold for £2,650.53 in November 2023
Seen from the side you can see the dungarees require repair which is to be expected for an item that is about 50 years old. The detail on the dungarees is good

Sasha dungarees 4-104 (1966- 1970)

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Nikita Eileen Krupoderov is/was the very lucky owner of this beautiful Sasha. I've never seen a blue cape before. Nikita did build a house for Sasha which looks amazing and also worked for Dreaming under the Lilacs - lovely clothes for Sasha.
Nikita Eileen Krupoderov is the very fortunate owner of this rare doll in box - the cape is one very rarely seen in this colour way. Many only ever see the red tartans but the blue tartan was the first to be produced. The first box was almost triangular with a flat back.
Ballet outfit with velcro not press studs ( see through press studs)

Sasha ballet 4-106 (1966-1969)

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Party dress is not original - notice the collar is not rounded
She should be wearing white ankle socks and white leather Mary Janes
This party side parting Sasha has had her lips re painted and her fringe re rooted. I like my side parting one as she is the lips look more natural.

Sasha party dress 4 -108 1969

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Some kilts come with tartan pants some come with pants that match the jumper. Some kilts are one length some are sewn it helps either age them or tell if they came in a outfit. Hard to believe that she sold for only £230 in Feb 2024!
Centre parting blonde Sasha in kilt - please note the socks and shoes are not original
Blonde centre part Sasha in kilt

Sasha kilt 4-109 (1969-1970)

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The NP Sasha was earlier than the London outfit but the London outfit with the "glued down " version was available as a set to buy.
London girl - original outfit on the doll as the outfit is glued not stitched
The paint work on this Sasha is in good condition without fading

Sasha London outfit 4- 110 (1970-1973)

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The white knit pants for Cora's outfit
White knit dress and red leather sandals
Early Cora with tag wearing the white knit dress with matching pants - red leather sandals

Cora (white knit ) 4 -109 1972-1974

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Original white dress with smocking
The white smocked dress has red stitching and matching white pants
White smocked dress - vintage Sasha dress

Sasha white dress (smocked) 4-2111 (1973 )

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Sasha in red dress - the " smocking" is in great condition
Sasha in red dress - later version plain collar - original complete outfit
Sasha's red dress with post card (later version of dress)

Sasha red dress 104 (1975-1979)

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Red haired early Sasha wering the green screen print dress
Red haired Sasha in long dress and white court shoes
The vest and pants Sasha would wear under the long dress

Sasha long dress 105 (1975-1979)

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Cora in her back Velcro fastening candy striped dress
Cora is the last doll to wear the pink and white stripes. Her dress has a tucked bodice and skirt with puffed sleeves. A 1962 Studio doll called Natalie and many of the early Gotz dolls have worn pink and white stripes.
Cora in Summer dress - with her knee high socks and white court shoes

Cora Summer dress 109 1977 - 1979

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Sasha in pink dress - original outfit complete
She looks windswept and natural - the collar curled up; this Sasha has been played with and not stuck in a box :)
The back of the "new girl at school" her pink dress is in order and the belt is fastened at the back.

Sasha pink dress 103 (1979- 1982)

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Front and back views of the white dress ( not in original white tights and black slip ons)
Red haired Sasha in white dress in the ice cream parlour
Red haired waif in white dress

Sasha white dress 108 (1979-1986)

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Sailing suit Sasha is missing her red felt beret
I'm sure there was a change of type of vest about this time so I may be wrong about her being Sailing Suit

Sasha sailing suit 110 (1980-1986)

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Brunette in red pinafore - not in original socks and shoes
Gotz Sasha in pinafore outfit original to English Sasha
Sasha in red pinafore - complete original outfit

Sasha red pinafore 111 -( 1980-1986)

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Cora is wearing brown vinyl sandals
Cora ha loose elastic - you can see how the elastic is attached in the later dolls - ring head assembly
Cora looks like she has elastic problems - she has the pink version (early) of the dress.

Cora flower dress 118 1980 - 1984

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Sasha with Honey hair wearing  silk dress
The newer style under wear with the cream knee length socks and wrong shoes
Honey (silk dress) in under wear socks and shoes

Sasha silk dress 101 - (1981 -1984)

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Marina samples from box
A box that contained 2 Sasha Marina dolls
Red beret with fisherman's smock and jeans for Marina

Sasha Marina 102 (1982-1986)

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