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an instagram page with stairs and wood paneling on the bottom, below which reads instagram
McLaren Excell contrasts smoked oak with white panelling in renovated London offices
Rylett Studios by Mclaren Excell
an empty staircase with light coming in from the window and on to the second floor
SILVER BARK - Marshall McCann Architects
there is a skateboarder riding down the stairs
Gallery of Three-apartment building | Araiz Floristán Arquitectos | Media - 1
a door handle on the side of a wall in a room with wood floors and white walls
an image of stairs going up the side of a building with wood walls in the background
Gallery of Bloomberg Hong Kong Office / Neri&Hu Design and Research Office - 18
an image of some stairs that are lit up
inspiration zone: Photo
a wooden stair case with lights on it
zwart stalen trapleuning met ledverlichting
zwart stalen trapleuning met ledverlichting
there is a plant on the floor next to some stairs in this modern house with wood paneling and glass railings
Atraia uma CASA abençoada com oração da Lei da Atração (clique aqui)