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an ironing board and clothes hanging on a rail in a closet with white drawers
34 Closet Organization Ideas for Clutter-Free Spaces
Closet Organization Tips
two pictures show the inside of a wooden shelf with clothes hanging on top and bottom
Various Tools Used For Woodworking
Recycled Pallet Wardrobe
two wooden shelves sitting on top of each other in the middle of a cement floor
#cable #spool turned #corner #shelf. #rubbishreborne
a white coat rack hanging from the side of a wall next to a pair of towels
making a boot dryer wall mounted - Google Search
the diy suspended corner shelves are easy to make
Start A Fire
Check out the tutorial: #DIY Suspended Corner Shelves #crafts #homedecor
a living room filled with lots of furniture and bookshelves covered in red curtains
pinterest | hopefulchronic
there is a stair case with many books on the wall and flowers in vase next to it
Books and gallery wall up the stairs.
an empty room with white shelves and drawers
Learn how to make the most of your attic closets with step by step instructions.
an organized closet with clothes hanging on the rails and drawers, along with other items
Ete founders' celebrity dream closet
Lily Dickerson Maddock's Southampton dream closet attic bedroom
two wooden storage bins sitting on top of a tile floor next to a wall
Double Bin Trash and Recycling Bin
Double Bin Trash and Recycling Bin | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White I would like this for the laundry room hamper.
an unfinished room with wooden shelves and drawers on the wall, in front of a window
Denise’s Tiny House
This is clever, storage shelving that hinge-opens to more storage shelving hidden behind. When you don't have more horizontal or vertical space this is so much better than deep shelves that you have to dig through.
the hidden jewelry closet behind a full length mirror
Built in jewelry box
an open closet with clothes on hangers and red rugs in front of it
Galerie - Möbelbau Einbaumöbel
Dachschrägenschrank - herausziehbar - in Bluno.
three framed pictures hang on the wall above a flat screen tv
35 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas to Get Your Space Organized
Nifty Niches Niches carved out between wall studs provide the prefect spot to…
several pictures of shoes hanging on the wall and in front of each other, all showing different types of heels
To organize your high heels, create a shoe rack using a curtain rod and Command™ Large Traditional Hooks in Brushed Nickel. It’s a great use of wall space and eliminates taking up floor space in a bedroom or closet.