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two rocks sitting on top of a wooden bench
Pebble art in a shadow box, happy anniversary to the perfect couple snuggling on the beach.
an owl ornament hanging from a tree branch
Pinterest Recycled Product Craft Ideas | How to make a Recycled CD Owl ...
paper flowers are arranged in the shape of wreaths
La Factoría Plástica
Egg Carton Wreath.
the paper hens are made with construction paper and string to make them look like birds
Paper Hens
a paper plate clown with pom poms on it's head
Paper Plate Clown Puppet
Make fun circus clown puppets from paper plates and other supplies. The kids will love them!
a kid sitting on a couch with scissors and paper cutouts in front of him
Gone Fishing - A Fishing Matching Game - Frog Prince Paperie
Oh I remember this game. Yes, how lovely making a fabric set and putting some magnets inside... Too good! Gone Fishing - DIY fishing game for kids. Nx
how to make feather topped pencils in a glass jar with instructions on how to use them
Camp Craft | Feather Topped Pencils
Super fun Summer Camp craft for kids! Feather Topped Pencils.
an art project for kids with watercolors and googly eyes
Maybe we should just have a monster or alien week. I seem to have a lot of crafts/activities for that...
the fish are made out of paper and then put together to make them look like they're swimming
Label/Ocean Theme Ideas - I Heart Crafty Things
a person is flying through the air with a colorful object in it's hand
What Can You Make From Plastic?
What Can You Make From Plastic? - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow
four painted ladybugs sitting in the grass on top of some rocks and gravel
Plastic Lid Ladybugs
bottle cap ladybugs