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a large building with an unusual design on the front and side of it's facade
Gallery of I Do Artist Store with Yue Minjun / AntiStatics Architecture - 6
a tall brick building with plants growing on it
Architectural designs that focus on humans and nature alike: Part 5
an ornate gold and blue building under a cloudy sky
Exploring the golden splendor of the Catherine Palace
an ornate blue and white building with gold decorations on it's roof, against a clear blue sky
Andreevskaya church by Maxim Zaretsky
the inside of a pink building with many windows and arches on it's ceiling
ITAP of the intricate details of the Pink Mosque in Putrajaya
a pink and white building with intricate designs
Raindrops and Roses
an archway leading into a room with pink walls and tile on the floor, along with a wooden cabinet
Notre voyage à Marrakech - Petit carnet
an intricately decorated building with blue and pink tiles on the walls, along with a wooden bench
How to see the Magic of Marrakech in Two Days - Jayde Archives Photography
the building is designed to look like an art museum
AD Round Up: Canadian Architecture to Be Thankful For