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an anime character with red hair wearing a black shirt
love or hate manhwa cover image
#манхва Story Love, Anime Art Dark, Beautiful Person, Handsome Anime, Manhwa Manga, Manga Art
Love Or Hate
an anime character with blue hair wearing a white shirt and tie, holding his hand to his head
영하 (@youngdam0) / Twitter
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a man with glasses is reading a book and has an empty thought bubble above his head
an anime character with his head down and hands tied up to the ground, while he is
Lover or hate
an anime character sitting in bed with the words love for him
ginkgo✨ (@ginkgoo_lady)
an anime character with glasses and a button up shirt holding a pair of scissors in his hand
Que miras? :v
a drawing of a woman with curly hair and glasses on her face, holding her hand to her chin
영하 (@youngdam0) / Twitter
영하박담 (@youngdam0) | Twitter