Victoria cross

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the memorial plaque for thomas duffy vc sits in front of some rocks and leaves
an antique portrait and medal are on display
'Indomitable pluck' of the only woman to win a VC
Women were ineligible for the Victoria Cross until 1921, but Queen Victoria gave permission for a gold replica to be made for Mrs Harris to reward her for her ‘indomitable pluck'
a headstone in the middle of a grassy area with tombstones on either side
a headstone with flowers in the grass
a red sign sitting on the side of a lush green field
a plaque on the side of a building with crosses attached to it's sides
a plaque in the grass that reads, lieutenant thomas orde lawer wilson vc
a black monument with gold lettering on it
a stone monument with a cross on it
a grave surrounded by flowers and other items on the grass in front of some headstones
the memorial plaque is in the grass