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four different colors with the word master written in black, white and brown on them
Mastello - Behold
Mastello - Behold
a present wrapped in white paper with gold stars on it
Wrap it up with love. - Monika Hibbs
Reindeer Gift Wrapping Idea
two brown boxes tied with twine and one has a blue tag on it that says,
SeasonMag • Holiday 2013
ISSUU - SeasonMag • Holiday 2013 by SeasonMag
a sign on the side of a building that says monday & tuesday 8 00 am - 3 30 pm
Google Domains Hosted Site
Tangent Cafe—nice typography Love the kerning. The space between the letters makes this example of typography crisp and clean cut, very modern/forward-thinking feel pushed through it. This is probably a new age coffee shop.
a sign hanging from the side of a building with a cup on it's front
Coffee Makes Me Happy Tee
Dukes Coffee Roasters - Melbourne, Australia Love Coffee - Makes Me Happy
the packaging design is all white and grey
Student Spotlight: Frozen food packaging
Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. #identity #packaging #branding #marketing PD
the reflection of a coffee shop sign in a glass window that reads, pacifica coffee brewers
fullfontal: Patricia Coffee Brewers on Little William Street, Melbourne Australia
some tassels and tags are laying on the ground
The Spectator Hotel
The Spectator Hotel. Perfect branding!
two black business cards with a bird on the front and back one is dark gray
I like this layout with logo on the front and text and details on the back
the business cards are stacked on top of each other and have numbers printed on them
Unique Letterpress Business Card - The Design Inspiration
Unique Letterpress Business Card