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an islamic quote on fire with the caption'that i bite onto embers until they become cold is more loved to me than saying about a thing that
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Al Mathari Poster Islam : Khulafa-Ur Rasyidiin
an arabic quote with the words,'remember allah in good times & he will remembers you during adversity '
the number seven is written in white on a red leather background with a quote from abu darba
an arabic text with two different words on it
an arabic quote with the words, it is from a person's knowledge and understanding that he sees to his needs first in order to turn to prayer with a heart free of instructions
an arabic text is written in two languages, and it appears to be very difficult
an arabic text on a white background with black and red writing in the middle reads, the noble companion, the wise one of this umma - aboo
the message is written in black and white on a dark background with an image of a muslim
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