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the 12 character archetys in harry potter's movies infographical poster
These 12 Character Archetypes Are Key Ingredients in All Great Stories
the female hero's journey in an old book, with text and pictures on it
Transpersonal Tidbits: Joseph Cambell’s The Hero’s Journey: Summary of the Steps & A Large Collection of Monomyths |
Joseph Cambell’s The Hero’s Journey: Summary of the Steps Adapted from Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI) Maricopa…
several different types of business cards
BOJIN Newton's Cradle 3 LED Colors Kinetic Light Up Change Shine
Nature of Personality
the person's journey to feminineism and masculinne
Using the Heroine’s Journey
quick breakdown of heroine's journey plotting with end comparison to hero's journey
the four circles are labeled with different words in each circle, and there is an arrow pointing
Personality test: Melancholy Sanguine
Personality test: Melancholy Sanguine
a wheel with words in different colors and the words that describe it are on each side
Understanding Personality: The 12 Jungian Archetypes - Moving People to Action
Understanding Personality: The 12 Jungian Archetypes – Moving People to Action
the twelve core archetys poster
BRAND ARCHETYPES: Are you a: Hero, Sage, Lover, Rebel, Ruler, Creator, Caregiver, Innocent, Jester, or Alchemist? Archetypal Branding solves one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses face: Knowing exactly who your ideal clients and customers are. Understanding how to attract them to your business in an authentic way that fully engages them with your business + builds a community
the 12 different personality archetys book cover with text in black on white background
The 12 Personality Archetypes: Which One Dominates You?
the twelve shadow archetys
Shadow Archetypes
SHADOW ARCHETYPE: “Shadow is that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden personality whose ultimate ramifications reach back into the realm of our animal ancestors…
an image of a color wheel with many different people in the center and one man on the other side
What's your brand archetype?
The 12 archetypes and the basic desires they appeal to
the types of inteliligence by mark vil infographical graphic design
The Nine Types of Intelligence Every Person Has
When you think about it, intelligence is a fairly broad term. Most of us are completely sharp in some areas but dull in others. Psychologist Howard Gardner asserted that we actually have “multiple intelligences,” and this infographic sums them up.
the hero's journey diagram on a blackboard with white writing and words around it
The Hero's Journey.
the color wheel is labeled with different colors
12 Common Character Archetypes & How Writers Can Use Them
The 12 Common Archetypes on Writers Write, including their common fears, goals, and talents. (Every character should be a combination of multiple types with one dominant. Good way to flesh out my character motivation?)