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an image of someone's texting on their cell phone with the caption that reads, i am a boy and have a foolproof plan for those 2 games
How does one tell the boy he likes
two men are holding alligators in their hands and the caption says, omg steve jrwin best day ever
Omg Steve Irwin!
Omg Steve Irwin!
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the text on this page reads, i'm not sure what they are saying
what seems to be the problem officer? | Not quite sure why I find this as funny as I do, but indeed I do. lol!
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the text is written in black and white
MUST remember to play this!
Really needed that life changing advice… :D Tumblr, Funny Advice, Cool Pics, Most Asked Questions, Getting Better
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Really needed that life changing advice… :D
the family is posing for a photo together
15 Outrageously Funny Group Face Swaps
When you know that no one cares about the family photo so you just go for it