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a dining room with colorful walls and furniture
Before and after photos show how a 29-year-old interior designer transformed his drab dining room into a playful space that's bursting with color
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and window sill covered in stained glass tiles
Чем декорировать подоконник
the stairs are painted bright colors and have wooden treads that match with the white walls
32 Stair Railing Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Style
Colorful Staircase
the stairs are painted with multicolored stripes and bookshelf in the background
A 1940s Colonial home gets a beautifully inspiring remodel in Los Angeles
JWT Associates is responsible for the stunning remodel/ addition of a 1940’s Colonial home located in Los Angeles, Southern California.
the stairs are painted in different colors
Painting Day Dreams
Am super debating for a year now about painting my stairs like this. If I could just decide on color and if we're refinishing the treads, I'd be done.
the stairs are painted blue and white with wood treading on them, which is also in
Plus de 50 techniques et idées super faciles pour relooker un escalier à moindre coût
peinture escalier bois de tonalités pastel, bleu, vert et jaune, effet aquarelle, rambarde escalier blanche et main courante en bois marron
the stairs are painted with colorful designs and flowers on them, as well as blue shoes
Fashion Bubbles
Papel de parede: quais os tipos, como colocar e onde usar