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swans are swimming in the water near an old castle
Ross Castle, near Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
boats are parked on the water in front of some buildings and trees with no leaves
Amsterdam Photo Diary and Travel Guide | Jess Ann Kirby
the top things to do in amsterdam with text overlay that reads netherlands top things to do in amsterdam
Discover the Top 10 Places to Visit in Amsterdam!
Discover the top things to do in Amsterdam with our travel guide and top tips to travelling around the Netherlands coolest city. From the Amsterdam Coffee shops to the Red Light District, Amsterdam has a collection of very interesting things to do! Explore the best Amsterdam nightlife and Amsterdam Bars with our guide to travel around Europe by an American #Amsterdam #TravelTips
a canal that is surrounded by buildings and trees with lights on the top of it
Amsterdam photo credit een_wasbeer
four seagulls sitting on the edge of a cliff
Skellig Michael
Puffins on Skellig Michael off the Kerry coast in Ireland - today's blog post is a photographic tour of the spectacular Skellig islands.
several pictures of ancient ruins in the ocean
15 Amazing Monasteries, Sanctuaries & Abbies of the World - WebUrbanist
Skellig Michael, an inhospitable rocky island 10 miles off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland, is one of Ireland’s oldest and most famous monasteries. The long-suffering monks, rarely more than a dozen or so, lived in cold & gloomy “beehive” huts made of stone from the year 588 to sometime in the 12th century when they moved to the Irish mainland.
some very tall rocks in the water and birds flying over them on a foggy day
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Skellig Michael at Ireland's South-West coast
some rocks and green grass on the side of a steep hill with steps leading up to it
Stairs leading to Skellig Michael Monastery, Ireland -- I need to visit here the next time I go to Ireland!
a plate of food on top of a wooden table next to a lake and mountains
Sneem Hotel | Hotels in Kerry - Original Irish Hotels
Dogs and furry friends are welcome at this beautiful place.....Sneem Hotel, Sneem, Co. Kerry.
a river running through a lush green forest filled with lots of rocks and trees on top of it
River at Sneem Ireland - took an ice cream cone break here
Ireland, Kerry, Sneem Northern Ireland, Irish, Highlands, Irish Roots, Britain, Irish Eyes
Ireland, Kerry, Sneem
a dirt path in the middle of a grassy area with rocks and trees on both sides
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The Kerry Way, IRELAND. The Kerry Way, at 230km the longest of the Irish Waymarked Trails, is a circular route that circumnavigates the peninsula, starting and finishing in Killarney, and also passing through fine Kerry towns such as Glenbeigh, Caherciveen, Waterville, Sneem and Kenmare.