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the collage of pictures shows how to make paper houses and other things that are on display
Invitation To Create- City Planner
Invitation To Create: City Planner. Open ended creative construction or building paper craft for kids. Great for fine motor development. Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students, and allows exploration of shapes and colors.
Salt Painting
Facilísimo de hacer y muy entretenido. Para mayores y pequeños! #manualidades #diy #diyideas #diydecor
Cardboard Starfish
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • Cardboard • Acrylic paint • Paint brushes • Fruit loops • Poms • Buttons • Glue • Box cutter
two children are making colorful art with colored paper and watercolors on the table
Color Mixing Activities for Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten
an image of children's hand drawn artwork with animals and birds on it in different colors
an open book with bees painted on it
four pictures of different colored drawings on paper
Scribble Art @ Pencils & Paint
a drawing of an angry bird on a piece of paper next to a computer keyboard
a drawing of a lion's face with colored pencils on it
Pre-K Lions
This blog has so many art ideas and techiques to use with the different age groups. These are Pre-K lions! Also blogged are: Middle school name sculptures, kindergarten name designs, printmaking for kids (creating their own stamps) and so much more.