School bus conversion

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a black bus with skis on the back is parked in the snow near some trees
Very cool
a black bus with flames painted on it parked next to a white truck in front of some trees
the inside of an old truck that has been rusted and needs to be repaired
Say goodbye to the rear wheel wells!!
the inside of an old bus with text overlay that reads everything you need to know about bus conversation insulation
Bus & Van Conversion Insulation: Everything You Need to Know - Aimless Travels
a blue and white bus driving down a snow covered road with the words 6 ways of heating skoolies, vans, or rvs
Heating a skoolie, RV, or van
the roof of a car covered in snow with text overlay that reads 15 worst skoolie mists
15 Skoolie Mistakes to Avoid (Embarrassing Real Stories)
the inside of a bus with text overlay that reads how to cover windows that you won't be using on your skoolie
How to Cheaply Cover Your Skoolie Windows — Savvy Dispatches